We did it! Thank you.

Dearest community, 

We are amazed, honored, and simultaneously humbled and emboldened (if that's possible) by the incredible support you've shown us in backing the fundraiser for Decibelists.

We set an ambitious goal and spent much of this campaign assuming we wouldn't even come close to meeting it. Instead, because of your faith in us we've exceeded our wildest expectations and come within spitting distance of our long-shot goal of $6000. You pre-ordered, donated in every amount from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, and shared, reposted and glowingly recommended our fundraiser. Thank you all.

It's about to be Shabbat, so we're officially calling it quits and reclining into the glow of our overwhelming gratitude. As you know, a portion of our overall fundraising that we will be donating to Justice Committee in honor of Daniel Majesty Sanchez. But you don't have to go through us. You can donate directly to JC at http://www.justicecommittee.org/

We hope you enjoy the free download of our first single, "Call Me Out." Stay tuned for what's next.

We love you dearly,

Emma & Leo