You flood us like an ocean
Dream your fresh water dream
Into my salty sea 

Stuck like a flightless bird
A stupid little dodo
I see you wearing my feathers
You and your little Heathers
You wanna take my place

Come on let's build you an Apple Store
That's what my city was waiting for 

Stuck like a flightless bird
On a white, white beach

Let's build you an Apple Store

You make your stupid little islands
Hip soft sandy violence
You sail that easy ocean
Follow your fresh water dream
Play a familiar scene
Picture such frictionless motion
On a white, white screen

Don't you forget about me
I'm gonna make you shake
I'm gonna raise up an army
We're gonna write on all the trains
Krylon gonna fuck up your atmosphere
Show you that you ain't wanted here
We're gonna take your place   

Bass: Emma Alabaster
Vocals: Emma Alabaster
Words by Leo Ferguson
Music by Emma Alabaster & Leo Ferguson
Produced by Leo Ferguson

Call Me Out

Call me out
I don't wanna go home tonight

Please don't call me a misogynist...nah
Just cause I love massaging this...thought
If you're so inclined, your thighs wrapped around my mind
Would be the closest, I've ever focused on the divine
Concerned if you mined my mind what you'd find
Camo caressing your curves while Im waiting on a sign
This safe space could be your play space but I save face
Keep a straight face with my fist in the air now

It's bad out here
don't take it in
yet deep inside
I've been defiled
I try I try to say what's right
own up to shit
let go of it
but you must see I fuck it up sometimes

Call me on my shit
so I can't get away with it
You saw me running all my little games
now pin me down and lay some blame

Call me out on my shit
Take me down tonight

Am I wrong when I'm wrong? I love it that you tell me
Check me, put me in my place even press me
Perspective shifting, activating my submission
You being assertive makes it hard for me to resist it
Keep my distance I don't know what to do with this
View you as an ally. My fetishizing ruins it.
It's wrong that it feels so wrong and I love it
So tell me I ain't shit and watch me come. Running.

I try to give
just what you need
To listen well,
follow your lead
Do as you say
in my own way
Be oh so good
just like I should
But you must see I fuck it up sometimes
So fuck me up sometime

Vocals: Emma Alabaster & Daniel "Majesty" Sanchez
Words by Emma Alabaster, Leo Ferguson & Daniel "Majesty" Sanchez
Music by Leo Ferguson
Produced by Emma Alabaster & Leo Ferguson